The Client Experience

Our firm is committed to serving the needs of our clients before our own, which calls for us to be excellent listeners, to promptly and accurately respond to your questions, to anticipate your needs, and to care about you beyond the numbers. But rather than taking our word for it, please review the results below which were generated from a survey recently taken by our clients (note that the percentages provided represent those who selected “strongly agree”, the highest rating, in each category).

Overall satisfaction with my personal financial advisors:

My advisor takes the time to understand my financial needs and concerns.

My advisor puts the needs of me and my family first when making recommendations.

My advisor adds value above and beyond investment performance.


My advisor takes a proactive approach to managing our relationship.

My calls and e-mails are returned promptly.

RS Crum, Inc. (RSCI) hired Advisor Impact, an independent third party, to conduct a client survey. Results reflect the ratings of all the survey respondents. Results are statistically based; Advisor Impact did not perform any subjective analysis of survey responses in determining ratings. RSCI is not aware of any undisclosed facts that might call into questions the validity of results. Results may not be representative of any one respondents experience because ratings reflect an average of all respondent’s experiences nor are results indicative of RSCI’s future performance.
Click the blue “Survey Results” tab on the right for the full survey questions and results. In the full survey, “Top Clients” refers to a group of recently acquired clients from the hiring of a new advisor with an existing client base.
For comparison, the blue “Survey Historical Averages” tab will provide a study conducted by Advisor Impact of investors across the United States on the relationship between investor and advisor. RSCI clients were not a part of this study nor were the results of our survey included. Some questions asked in the study were not part of RSCI’s survey nor does the study ask all questions presented in RSCI’s client Survey.