About RS Crum

Our Mission
RS Crum’s mission is to help people make sound financial decisions, accumulate and preserve wealth, and otherwise pursue their life goals without the burden of financial stress.
Our History
The RS Crum story goes back to 1976 when our founder, Richard S. Crum, established one of the first fee-only financial advisory firms in the country, which was an innovative and bold move given the commission-fueled world of investments that was prevalent at the time. Mr. Crum was on to something special and today, over 40 years later, RS Crum’s commitment to providing objective, professional financial advice has never wavered.
Over the years we have worked hard to build an environment that is both flexible and comfortable for our clients while maintaining a high priority on the details. We have grown as a result, but have done so carefully to make sure we have the right people in place to deliver an exceptional and highly personalized wealth management experience.
Based in Newport Beach, California, R.S. Crum, Inc. is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. With nearly $500 million in assets under management, RS Crum is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Our Values
Values are something we take very seriously. They drive how we treat our clients, how we treat our staff, and how we live our lives. The values listed below are just words unless carried out through our daily actions, but we can proudly say our firm has been built around these same core values for over 40 years and it is our intention to guard them closely into the future.
Why Fee Only?

We prefer to serve our clients, not sell to them.

As a fee-only advisory firm, our only source of compensation comes from fees paid directly by our clients. We do not accept any other form of compensation from third parties as a result of recommending investment products or the types of work we perform. This principle provides comfort to our clients because they know our advice will always remain objective and our integrity will never be compromised.