How You Benefit

Here are a number of ways our clients benefit from our unique, down-to-earth approach to wealth management.

Making It Personal
From the very first phone call, you will sense our team is genuinely interested in getting to know you. We value relationships greatly and take our time to ask thoughtful questions and listen closely to your answers. We want to understand your motivations, needs and concerns because it helps build trust, improves communication, and enhances our ability to help you plan for your future.
We understand how stressful life can become when financial uncertainty arrives or critical decisions need to be made. As stress ramps up and timelines compress, RS Crum can help you slow things down, keep perspective, and prioritize not only what is most important to do, but when. Our team is committed to making it easy to do business with us, whether this involves promptly returning phone calls, helping you get organized, or anticipating your needs…every service we provide is designed with the goal of removing stress from our clients lives.
to Planning
Other firms will often jump straight to investments and rely on markets or investment hunches to determine the fate of their clients’ wealth management experience. Surely investments are a critical component, but at RS Crum, we prefer to lead the process by developing strong relationships and prioritizing planning, which of course takes more time, but we believe it leads to better outcomes. Most firms say they do financial planning, but few actually have a dedicated and highly experienced financial planning department like we do.
Thinking Partners
Many advisors use financial jargon to impress you. At RS Crum, we prefer to talk like real people. We think that when clients have a good understanding of even the most complicated financial matters, they make better decisions. Our relationship-based approach allows us to be a “Thinking Partner” with you, where new ideas can safely be shared, different perspectives can be offered, and better collaborative decisions can be made. And when we don’t have all the answers, we have a tremendous network of additional trusted professionals and resources we can introduce you to.
Small Firm;

Big Results

Don’t let the small size of our firm fool you. We deliver big when it comes to results. Our commitment to maintaining the family type atmosphere allows us to deliver an intimate client experience; yet we remain fully aware our clients are first and foremost looking to us to help them achieve their financial goals. RS Crum consistently delivers in the areas of long-term investment performance and lifelong financial planning, not despite our size, but likely because of it.
Helpful Technology
Over the past few years we have made significant investments in technology not only to enhance our efficiency, but also to improve our client experience. We have incorporated an institutional trading platform that enables us to be much more efficient and opportunistic with trading opportunities. We also offer a secure client portal which allows our clients to view their account information in much more detail including aggregate account and performance reporting as well as secure electronic document delivery and storage, all of which can be accessed any time.