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Team Member Highlight

Today we highlight one of the partners and advisors at RS Crum, Dan Sexton. Put your seatbelts on…

What have you gained from working at RSC?

More than I can quantify. But, if I had to narrow it down, I’d say:

  1. A career that I’m passionate about where I help clients solve problems and find solutions
  2. An extended family in the people I work with and the clients I serve

What is your favorite quote, motto or personal mantra?

The Litany Against Fear from Frank Herbert’s book Dune. I used to say it to myself when public speaking.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about learning new things through books, pod casts, conversations… any means. I crave knowledge. Whether it’s about financial freedom or the Spanish Flu, I’m interested.

What is a hidden talent?

According to my wife and daughter, I can turn any song into a show tune.

Also, as a kid I was the (self-taught) drummer in a garage band. Rock and roll.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Movies, books, and my family/friends are big into games.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would love to take my family to see the night sky unobscured by the lights of the modern world. Arctic & telescopes anyone?

Who are your favorite sports teams?

I stay local – go Ducks and Angels!

Any favorite shows?

Game of Thrones! No question.

If you could have lunch with one person (dead or alive) who would it be? What would you eat?

I’d have fried chicken with a baked potato (complete with parmesan cheese and bacon bits) across the table from Benjamin Franklin. It would be fascinating to meet such a brilliant man – founding father, inventor, scientist. What didn’t he do? And, we’d finish our captivating conversation with carrot cake!


‘Be the Change’ You Want to See in the World

‘Be the Change,’ a local group started by students of Santa Margarita, recently completed their 5th annual fundraiser. Partnering with the Boys & Girls Club and the homeless shelters of Orange County, the group uses donations to host a holiday celebration for homeless children, and provides each of them with a special gift.

To put on the holiday celebration, Be the Change hosts a fundraising (gift raising) event at Build a Bear workshop where families and companies can make donations to the cause. This past year, they received donations of over 150 bears.

Terry Zertuche & family have been involved with the holiday fundraiser for the past 5 years. Her daughter Alexis is Vice President this year and is looking forward to continued success going forward. RS Crum was honored to be a sponsor for this year’s event.


Jon Theriault Recognized at Masters Lunch

RS Crum team members regularly attend the quarterly Masters Lunch in Orange County with other professionals. Each meeting covers a specific topic. The final 2017 event focused on “Discovering Emotional Intelligence” with Bill Vorhies. We learned a great deal about effective communication.

At the meeting, RS Crum’s own Jon Theriault was honored for his emotional intelligence and commitment to his clients. Congratulations, Jon. We are proud of you (but, not surprised).


Team Member Highlight

Client service extraordinaire by day, role model and mother by night. Today we highlight Terry Zertuche, RS Crum’s Client Service Manager.

What have you gained from working at RSC?

I have found meaningful relationships both internally and externally at RS Crum.  And, in fact, this is my favorite part of the job. I’m grateful for my daily interactions with such wonderful individuals and families.

What is your favorite quote, motto or personal mantra?

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.” I reinforce this concept to my children regularly.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about children. I enjoy investing my time in them as they are our future.

What is a hidden talent?

I was a tap dancer as a child (and, she even showed us some moves!)

What do you like to do in your spare time?

My favorite past time is cheering on my kids at dance competitions and baseball games.

Any favorite movie?

It’s a tie between The King and I & The Wizard of Oz.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Greece. I’ve always wanted to explore the beauty and history Greece holds.

Who are your favorite sports teams?

Dodgers, Cowboys, and Lakers!

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

My children, Mexican food, and a lounge chair for beach living.


Always Be Prepared

The pictures are heartbreaking as entire neighborhoods were burned beyond recognition in the city of Santa Rosa and surrounding towns. This got RS Crum thinking. How would we react if the news came that a fire was heading in our direction (or any disaster for that matter)? How would we respond professionally and personally? So, we reviewed our disaster plan and asked Drew Downing, Health Disaster Manager with Orange County, to share personal and business disaster planning tools/tips.

Drew highlighted that planning for a disaster is no different from other measures you take to protected yourself, your family and clients from potential hardship. Preparing for a disaster does take small investment of time and money. But, even a very basic plan could one day save you and those you care about from ruin. Let us know if you want to learn more.


RS Crum Supporting Under-Served Youth

The RS Crum team worked with the Center for Investment and Wealth Management (CIWM) at the University of California Irvine (UCI) on the Financial Literacy Summer Residential Program. The LIFEvest residential program is a one-week, on-campus program dedicated to helping under-served incoming 9th and 10th grade students by teaching life skills & money management in a highly supportive environment.  The mission is to instill a continued desire to strengthen understanding of financial matters, encourage admission into a four-year college or university, and to inspire confidence and success in all areas of life. RS Crum is proud to be a Charter Board Member of the CIWM and highly involved with the LIFEvest program. Learn more about the center and programs here or check out a video from the 2017 Girls Week and the 2017 Boys Week.


Life’s Next Chapter

Terry Zertuche’s son, Gustavo, graduated this Spring from Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita. Gustavo is highly motivated in his studies and extra-curricular activities. Involved on the varsity baseball team, a member of Model UN, part of the International Baccalaureate program (graduated with full IB diploma), and the drummer for his church’s worship team, any school would be lucky to have him as part of the student body. From Orange County to West Lafayette, Gustavo elected to accept the offer from Purdue University. He will be heading East this Fall to follow his interest in Aerospace Engineering.

Good luck, Gustavo. Enjoy the Midwest. We will miss you here on the West coast.


Economics 101

Ashley Bleckner supported the UCI Center for Investment and Wealth Management (CIWM) by teaching Economics to this year’s Investments, Financial Planning and You (IFPY) students. IFPY is a summer program designed for highly motivated high school students who wish to gain a deep understanding of investments and financial planning. The proceeds of the program help support the CIWM LIFEvest Financial Literacy Program.


2017 Pacific Youth of the Year

Dan Sexton and Ashley Bleckner were honored to be in attendance at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America 2017 Pacific Youth of the Year celebration. Dan & Ashley watched as the nine exceptional Pacific Youth of the Year finalists shared their stories for a chance to win a $40,000 college scholarship and the opportunity to compete in the National Youth of the Year event in Washington D.C. this September.

The honor went to Cassidy, a 10-year member of the Boys & Girls Club of Magic Valley. Cassidy shared, “My journey as a Club member has given me a purpose and sense of acceptance that I never had as a child. The opportunity I’ve been given to lead and mentor Club members is the most incredible honor and truly is my greatest joy.” Congratulations Cassidy!


Referee of the Year

Congratulations to Doug Jankowski for being honored as the 2016-2017 Referee of the Year!

Doug spends many of his Saturdays volunteering as a referee for the American Youth Soccer Organization in Tustin. He has been volunteering for AYSO as a coach and referee since 2000.

He acknowledges that at times his efforts go unappreciated. And, controlling what’s off the field can be more of a challenge than what’s on the field. Nevertheless he enjoys being out there applying the laws of the game and making it a safe environment for the kids.


Jon Takes His Team to Play With Others

Jon recently led his son’s baseball team and a group of 60+ kids from their league to spend a Saturday morning helping children with disabilities. Champions League is a parent and volunteer run organization that helps bring baseball to children with special needs. The boys helped their new friends hit, play defense, and run the bases. This is the fourth year Jon and his son Nick have been involved with Champions League and rest assured, everyone was a winner.


Bucket List: Dan Takes on Africa

Dan and his family spent eight days exploring the wildlife preserves of Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. He has told everyone who has asked, and many who didn’t, that whatever preconceived idea you may have of what an African safari would be like is wrong.  It is so much better than you can imagine. More beautiful, more majestic…more awesome. The people were warm and friendly, but most amazing were the animals. They were so close!  There were several occasions where if he fell out of the truck, he would have been lunch.

The Sexton’s were there during the Great Migration where wildebeests, zebras, cape buffalo, gazelles and many more dot the landscape in the tens of thousands.  They managed to see the “Big Five” of Tanzania (Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, and Rhino) and many, many more.


Ashley Stood For the Public in Meetings with State Legislators

Ashley Bleckner focused on the community March 7th at our state capitol building in Sacramento, California for the Financial Planning Association’s Advocacy Day. The day was spent meeting with various State Senators and Assembly Members who represent districts in Orange County. The focus was to develop relationships & act as a resource for State Legislators while promoting client protection and the fiduciary standard (requirement for advisors to work in the client’s best interest at all times). We are committed to helping our clients and the public in a variety of different dimensions.


Financial Planning Association Volunteer of the Quarter

Ashley Bleckner was awarded FPAOC Volunteer of the Quarter at the February 15th Education Meeting. Ashley has shared her time on a number of FPA initiatives, including participation on the Allied Professional Committee and the Membership Committee.

Most proudly, Ashley has been involved with Financial Planning Day sponsored by the FPAOC where she provides free one-on-one counseling & classroom-style education to those who may not have the opportunity or resources to discuss pressing financial issues with competent & ethical financial planners.

Way to go Ashley!

Photoed: David MacLeod (FPAOC President) & Ashley


Helping the Girl Scouts of OC Learn About Goals & Money

On Sunday January 15th, Ashley Bleckner joined the Girl Scouts of Orange County at the Bren Center (UCI) for the annual Cookie Rally with the intention of helping to empower over 1,000 girls with confidence, tools and resources for success. The young women in attendance had the opportunity to learn valuable skills that will help them throughout their lives and careers.

There were many training stations for the Girl Scouts to visit, such as Cookie Talk: Communication Skills , Cookie Plan: Goal Setting, and Cookie Money: How to Make Change, to name of few. Ashley spent the afternoon engaging with the girls at the “Cookie Plan” station. At which, conversations revolved around setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Based) and having fun.

And best yet, everyone in attendance had the opportunity to sample each of the cookies (YUM)!


Jon Theriault has become a Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®)

Kingdom Advisors (www.kingdomadvisors.com) provides advocacy, training, and community for financial professionals who are specialists in offering biblically wise advice.

As a member of Kingdom Advisors since 2014, Jon received his certification as a Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®) last year. The CKA® designation distinguishes Jon as an experienced wealth management professional who has pursued an integration of his work and faith to the highest credentialed level available.

Jon is passionate about teaching and living out the biblical principles of stewardship, as evidenced by his willingness to regularly volunteer to teach financial management classes and provide advice through his local church, schools and community.


Time Marches On.. And, it Marched Right Over Dan as He Turned 50

RS Crum’s most tenured employee, Mr. Dan Sexton, celebrated his momentous 50th birthday this December 7th. The birthday week began with his wife throwing him a surprise party with family & friends in attendance – it was a great success (he was bamboozled)!

At the office, Dan was greeted with bagpipes, balloons, & an office wrapped up like a present. And after a day of celebration, the RS Crum team finished with a big slice of carrot cake.

To top the occasion, Dan and his family will be making a bucket list trip to Africa in 2017.


Stark vs. Theriault: On the Field

Ali vs Frazier? USC vs UCLA? Move over and make room for the new biggest rivalry in town: Stark vs Theriault. The battle for RS Crum Champion took place not in the office, but on the football field under Friday Night Lights. Jon Theriault‘s and Pat Stark‘s sons, Nick and Garrett, played each other in a flag football league match. The competitive banter loomed large in the days running up to the contest.  Who won? Jon can’t recall, but Pat would be happy to answer your inquiry.


Spooktober at RS Crum

Halloween was in full effect last month at RS Crum. If you stopped by the office, you may have noticed some decorations or a costume or two (looking at you Colonel Mustard). But, the biggest Spooktober surprise came when Dan Sexton secretly took the Halloween decorating to the next level – fully equipped with goblin juice and ghostly popcorn.

We can’t wait and see what Dan has up his sleeve come December.


The RS Crum Team Broadens Its Skill Set

The RS Crum team spent an afternoon at Tspoons, a unique cooking school in San Juan Capistrano. We broke into 2 groups with each group preparing a 4-course meal for the other. Instructions were only given once, so you had to be paying attention. The menu included stuffed zucchini, creamy corn chowder, brandy braised beef, & flourless chocolate cake. We had a wonderful time enjoying good food and great people.

Photoed: Jon, Lynne, Terry, Mark, Pat, Dan, Doug, Ashley

RS Crum has ‘Bring Your Child (or Dog) To Work Day’

On October 11th, the RS Crum team hosted Rebecca Theriault, Jon’s 9 year old daughter, as our VIP “Boss” for the day. After inspecting her new business cards, Rebecca started the morning by holding an all staff meeting at the head of the table and helping us make some important decisions – including morning snacks (we went with doughnuts), how we should stock the Halloween candy bowl, and suggesting the hallways remain unobstructed for cartwheels. She spent the morning helping her dad and learning a lot more about what we do at RS Crum. She also drew some great new art for the office, so be sure to check it out next time you stop by.

Photoed: Rebecca Theriault & Fitzgerald ‘the dog’ Bleckner 

Mark Rylance is now a Certified Financial Transitionist™ (CFT™)

For the past two years, Mark has been working with the Sudden Money Institute’s rigorous certification process to become a Certified Financial Transitionist™. Whether through an inheritance, the sale of a business, the loss of a loved one, or any major change, Mark now has the tools and the training to help people going through major transitional events and to help them make better decisions, and get better outcomes.

Traditional financial planning covers the bases when it comes to important topics such as investments, cash flow, taxes, and estate planning. But, that is only half of the experience of financial change. The other half is the human experience and embracing change.